Top Three AI Advancements In Meeting Productivity

Michael Peters
Enhancing Our World
With the introduction of large language model-based applications such as ChatGPT from OpenAI, Bard from Google, and the soon-to-be introduced Ernie from Baidu, it’s safe to say that artificial intelligence (AI) is the newest “most significant ever” technology to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting world. While the tone of this statement may come across as unnerving, this evolutionary advancement in technology actually presents a wonderful opportunity to improve the lives of all humans by reducing mundane tasks and freeing up time to spend on enriching our happiness.

Working Smarter
Technology represents humankinds’ attempt to better its existence. It’s the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to the change and manipulation of the human environment for the better. In practical terms, we can simply say that technology is the creation of tools to help improve our efficiency and enjoyment. Artificial intelligence, especially as it applies to the workplace, presents a huge leap in this beneficial process.

Productivity Improvement
As the business world embraces new paradigms in how teams are meeting today, artificial intelligence is rapidly improving our decision-making process. Innovative AI-driven platforms can now instantly deliver post-meeting assets featuring word-for-word transcriptions along with detailed summaries and highlights. Not only do these assets offer improved experiences for meeting attendees; they also enable all team members to focus on the matter at hand.

To this end, it’s important to know what truly matters when it comes to improving meeting productivity. Suffice it to say, simple transcription does little to expand a team’s ability to make decisions. Autonomously distilling a meeting down to its essence, along with the ability to manipulate this relevant information, however, is why artificial intelligence is becoming indispensable for organizations of all sizes. The best of these AI-driven tools enhance productivity by first of all being accurate, then offering ease of accessibility, and finally enabling archived information to be retrieved at the push of a button.    

Artificial intelligence is very good at recognizing and transcribing human speech. This has resulted in the ability to auto-generate meeting recaps and action items. However, the effectiveness of these summaries and recommendations is only as good as the original transcription. Therefore, in order for any video conferencing platform to be of value to teams today, it must first be able to accurately capture a complete record of a given meeting. This means error-free, word-for-word dictation of all statements by all participants.

The best recap of a decision-making process doesn’t do any good if it cannot be accessed by all approved team members. For a productivity platform to be truly effective, post-meeting assets need to be available to all participants and also to those unable to attend. In addition, a meeting host should be able to forward salient points of each meeting to all vested individuals. Once received, these highlighted details and action items should be able to be relayed to other cohorts throughout an organization.

The final attribute of an effective productivity tool is its ability to easily retrieve archived information from past meetings. An advanced platform today should be able to locate any and all post-meeting assets pertaining to a specific company, project, team member, or relevant keyword. This functionality provides the means to catalog and access previous discussions and decisions. Not just each individual meeting, but the entire meeting library needs to be fully searchable and instantly retrievable.

A Better Today and Tomorrow
Artificial intelligence is improving our world. And innovative meeting platforms are enriching our lives. To be truly rewarding, however, these new productivity solutions need to deliver accurate, accessible, and retrievable assets to all team members with organizations today.

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