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About our company

Reelay was formed in Q4 of 2021 with a single vision in mind; make business meetings more engaging and more productive than ever before. Thanks for our customers, investors and employees we get closer to that reality every day. We're on a mission to become the source of truth for meeting data everywhere and hope you join us along the way.

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The values that drive our company

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We prioritize clear and respectful communication, to encourage collaboration and trust among our team and with our clients.

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We seek alignment across all levels to ensure our collective efforts and goals are unified, driving shared success and continuous growth.

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We uphold the principle that every idea and effort is valuable, ensuring thorough validation to foster innovation, quality, and trust.

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We are dedicated to being industry leaders by continually honing our subject matter expertise to deliver innovative and impactful solutions.

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We embrace accountability by owning our actions, delivering on our commitments, and advancing a culture of transparency and trust.

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We commit to continuous testing to ensure exceptional quality, reliability, and satisfaction in every product we deliver.

Cut 2 hours of admin time
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