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Meeting AI software for high performing sales and project teams

Save 2-3 hours of admin time per meeting with our automated call recaps, corporate minutes reports, transcribed recordings and actionable insights. Leading Pharma, CPG, Logistics, Franchises and Associations trust our product to improve communication across every team for every call.

Save time and money when Reelay manages the admin work

In seconds, you can embed Reelay directly into your Zoom and Microsoft Teams accounts, or use our meeting attendant to pre-join any video call. Reelay will be there for your Teams meeting at 2 and Zoom at 3 without skipping a beat.

individual lead profile
Personalized meeting libraries

Organize your meetings by type, project, etc.
Share recordings, minutes or full collections.

advanced deal tracking
Advanced recording and sharing options

Record full transcripts, or just summarize.
Share by invite only, or link to anyone.

Do meetings faster,
with better insights

The average meeting with Reelay in attendance takes less than 30 minutes, because we'll have you better prepared before the call and manage almost everything for you afterwards.

And people who didn't attend will be able to consume it in a fraction of the recording time. Reelay viewers consistently consume 60 minute recordngs in less than 10 minutes.

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Thoughtful features for every phase of your meetings

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AI Notetaker

You'll never have to take call notes again. Reelay joins your call to transcribe everything said and done, so you can focus on the conversation at hand.

deal tracking

Email Recaps

"That meeting could have been an email." (Now it can). After your call you'll get a recap email, summarizing key points to Reelay to your team, clients and leads.

pipeline management

Minutes Reports

Corporate customers rely on well documented notes, so we provide more with AI than they could for themselves. Get a full minutes report for every call.

reporting dashboard

Video Recordings

Consume meetings in a fraction of the time whenever and wherever you are, with AI-guided content. Clear up calendars, and watch at your own pace.

meeting scheduling

Key Moments

Post-meeting assets take too long to review. Help yourself get through follow-up faster with Reelay insights like timestamped topics, tasks & questions.

email tracking

Meeting Library

Personalize and organize your meeting content, download transcripts and safely share with your teams, vendors & clients. Find any meeting moment ever recorded.

Reelay reduces admin time by 2 hrs on every meeting. 

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One call setup

Reelay will provision your company account on our first call and help you add as many users as you need. Employees setup their logins with a single click.


Integrate your calendar

Connect Reelay to your Outlook or Google Calendar and Reelay will begin to sync into any Zoom, Teams, Google or Webex invite link you have.


Let Reelay in

Accept the Reelay attendant from your virtual meeting participant list and it will begin to capture everything said, and everything done.

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Build something that people love, and can't live without.

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“We’re going with Reelay® over everyone else, because Reelay® is already superior. It has significantly simplified our scoping process for pre-sales calls, and has become an essential part of our daily business.”
“Reelay® is a fantastic productivity tool for sales and operations functions. One of the few (but growing) examples of AI that actually delivers on the promise of tangible work efficiencies.”
“I've been trying different Notetakers this last year and would like to recommend Reelay®. It is so impressive. It will save you hours of summarizing notes and action items for you, your clients and team.”
“We just finished our regular board  meeting with a dozen participants and I am so beside myself about what Reelay® produced for us! The accuracy and value is unmatched in the market of AI tools.”
“Now that I’ve started using Reelay®, I can’t imagine what I would do without it.”
“What I love about Reelay® is it can summarize a meeting into 3 or 4 lines of text for me.”
“Impressive notes. Have dabbled with other note-takers but this seems to be much better.”
“The summary you sent me was amazing! So helpful for me to recall everything that we discussed.”
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Reelay reduces admin time by 2 hrs on every meeting.