What Is Reelay? How It Improves Enterprise Meeting Productivity

Reelay, a corporate AI meeting assistant, enhances productivity by automating tasks from scheduling to follow-up across platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. It benefits project managers, sales teams, and executives by streamlining note-taking and action item tracking. Emphasizing security, compliance, and affordability, Reelay offers features like interoperability and AI accuracy, with easy access to meeting summaries and recordings. While not ideal for individuals or companies solely using one platform, Reelay is invaluable for improving meeting efficiency and compliance in enterprises.

Integrate your CRM with other tools

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A majority of large corporations are currently using or considering the use of AI in their business. However, much speculation exists about security and privacy when exploring AI at an enterprise scale and in highly regulated sectors. 

Reelay dissolves all speculation when it comes to empowering enterprises to have more productive meetings. The Reelay’s corporate meeting assistant offers enterprise-grade features while helping companies comply with industry regulations.

Let’s understand how Reelay improves organizational processes with more standardized meeting practices.

What is Reelay? 

Reelay is a corporate AI meeting assistant that increases productivity in all five stages of a meeting’s lifecycle. It not only takes notes but also lets professionals improve scheduling, preparation, in-meeting, follow-up, and follow-through phases of a meeting.

The platform eliminates the need to manually take down, compile, and distribute notes. If you’re unavailable to attend any meeting, send Reelay to it and get a detailed report. The assistant integrates with your calendar and attends video conferencing on Google Meet, Zoom, Webex, or Microsoft Teams. 

This happens while maintaining enterprise-grade security and privacy, complying with industry regulations. 

Reelay’s corporate AI meeting assistant for free. It offers limitless usage for 30 to 60 days. 

How Reelay caters to different use cases in improving meeting productivity

Reelay helps different organizational roles to be more productive in their jobs. Here’s how it benefits different roles: 

Project managers

Writing minutes of meetings is challenging for project managers as it consumes plenty of their time. They feel the unnecessary burden of this administrative work, requiring ample time before, during, and after each meeting.

Reelay automates taking down, compiling, and distributing meeting notes for them. It creates a sharable document of the meeting minutes and conveys information comparatively better than a professional doing it manually. 


Salespeople need more time to take notes on a call when trying to support and assist prospects with their queries. Sending meeting recaps and performing follow-ups add to their challenge, and they start feeling overwhelmed. 

Reelay helps them focus on the conversation, solving the prospect’s problems. It takes down notes and creates post-meeting assets to share with clients and deliver what they asked for. Moreover, you’re always aware of the context and can easily find exactly what the customer said in a Reelay transcript.

Many sales teams use Reelay to extract important information to improve contract scoping or to process change order requests more accurately.

People managers and supervisors 

People managers want their teams to focus on critical work without having to attend many meetings. Reelay helps them share a meeting recap and a transcription asynchronously so that they can consume it later. It reduces Zoom fatigue, so your team doesn’t feel like they’re in virtual meetings all day. 

By relaying notes and recordings to your team, you ensure they absorb the essence of the discussion in a fraction of the time they would have spent attending live calls.

VPs, SVPs, and EVPs 

VPs, SVPs, EVPs, and the C-suite struggle to keep available slots on their calendars. They often run overbooked with meetings that shift their focus. Reelay helps them with a short or long summary, transcripts, and a structured meeting report to avoid missed conversations when they’re on a different call. 

Reelay brings information back to them when they don’t have time or interest in attending a live call and ensures that they never get "double-booked" again.

Who would benefit the most from Reelay  

Any company where documentation is critical and people want to track discussions while ensuring what needs to be done gets done will benefit from Reelay. You can send Reelay to all your meetings and create a standardized way of running corporate meetings.  

Reelay’s early adopters are in regulated sectors like pharma, consumer packaged goods, software, sales and marketing agencies, franchises, and healthcare. The customer base spans the globe, but it’s not limited to these industries only. 

An ideal Reelay customer would have at least 200 employees and a tech stack including: 

Video conferencing:
Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Webex

Calendar: Google or Outlook

Internal Communication: Slack or Teams Chat

CRM: Salesforce or Hubspot

This is a typical example. The tech stack can vary depending on the company and the industry they’re working in. 

Who buys, uses, and implements Reelay

Whenever enterprises buy technology, they undergo a security audit and a procurement process. IT departments are the buyers and are often power users of Reelay. The champion users are project managers, sales teams, people managers, and supervisors, such as VPs, SVPs, and EVPs. 

The buying committee usually consists of people from IT, the project management office, sales, people management, and senior leadership. Most buying committees have two or more of these departments.

Why do companies prefer Reelay? 

Buyers and users prefer Reelay because it’s an IT-approved AI solution, especially in an enterprise setting. Trying other tools that were made for individual use cases rather than enterprises is risky. 

How Reelay is different from solutions on the market

Some factors make Reelay a preferred choice when looking for an AI tool to increase meeting productivity


Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other conferencing tools work great if you always have video conferencing on the same platform. However, the meeting is lost when you have it outside of these platforms. There’s no way to find it. As a large organization, these slippages and leakages are tricky to manage. 

A CTO of a Microsoft Team reseller says, "You can’t share externally, and sharing internally is only sharing the stream (video) recording and not all the AI-generated content. Microsoft Teams Premium or Copilot are okay for personal use but fail miserably if you need to share the recordings and content with anyone, especially outside your organization." 

Reelay solves the problem of interoperability.  Its corporate AI meeting assistant follows you on every video conferencing platform and ensures you don’t miss any valuable discussion. It helps you easily share the recording, transcript, and notes, internally and externally. 


A videoconferencing platform like Zoom requires a host to turn on Zoom’s AI companion summaries at the beginning of each meeting. If they fail to do so, the meeting will be inaccessible for future use. If you’re not planning to attend the meeting but want access to its AI's value, you'll have to figure out how to encourage every meeting host to record and send the output each time. 

This kind of workflow is distracting and fails to improve a large organization’s meeting productivity culture. 

Reelay streamlines the process by automatically joining your meeting and transcribes everything accurately. 

When the meeting is over, it sends post-meeting assets without requiring back-and-forth conversations with the host. Moreover, you’re in complete control of which meetings the assistant joins and can easily configure it according to your usage. 

AI accuracy

Many tools on the market are turned off because of their accuracy. According to G2 reviews, Fireflies has around 82% accuracy, and Otter’s transcription accuracy falls below 80%. Due to this, many users don’t completely trust the transcript and speculate about everything that comes out of it. 

In head-to-head comparisons, users have found Reelay's AI to be more accurate than other tools including, Fireflies, Otter, and Microsoft Teams.

Cost affordability

Other solutions on the market are too expensive for a corporate implementation. They focus on individuals and teams, making them too pricey for an enterprise implementation. For example, the Fireflies enterprise plan costs $39 monthly per user. 

Reelay, being a corporate AI meeting assistant, offers a much more affordable per-seat pricing, as low as $5 per seat per month.

Corporate-first mentality

Reelay’s products are corporate-focused. They’re designed, built, marketed, and sold with an enterprise-first mentality. Due to this, they have features that enterprises care about, like SSO, Soc 2 Type 2, and strict data-sharing rules. Reelay’s corporate AI meeting assistant fully complies with requirements like Soc 2 Type 2,  GDPR, HIPAA, etc. It also delivers free custom branding, making scaling the product across organizations easier. 

AI meeting minutes, a Reelay feature, provide structured notes and meeting reports. You can share them with anyone you want without spending time rephrasing and fixing transcription-related issues (a benefit of greater accuracy). 

Reelay trademark

Reelay is a brand that you can verb in a business. People can naturally say, “I’m reelaying a meeting,” or, “I’m reelaying notes to our manager.” However, using other solutions' names as a verb is tricky. 

Pilot program 

Most other solutions in the space limit the usage of a trial or pilot plan to a specific amount. For example, Fireflies offers a 7-day free trial with a limit of 800 minutes of storage per seat. It’s difficult to break through and experience the product at a corporate level with a limiting pilot or trial program.

Reelay offers unlimited use of its pilot program for 30 - 60 days, giving users ample time to experience the product. 

How does Reelay work?

Once you have subscribed to the Reelay platform, you will be onboarded as a user in five to ten minutes. You simply need to sign up and connect Reelay to your calendar. Then, it looks for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, or Google Meet meetings. 

Reelay’s assistant will be on the call when the meeting starts as an additional participant. It will transcribe everything word for word. AI processing breaks this transcription into summaries, topics, highlights, and action items. After the meeting, Reelay’s assistant compiles three post-meeting assets: an email recap, a complete minutes report, and a video recording. 

  • The email recap summarizes the call to share it with others internally and externally.
  • The minutes report comprehensively documents everything discussed on a call. It structures the meeting into synopsis, topics, questions and answers, highlights, and actions, replacing the task of taking down or compiling meeting notes. 
  • The video recording is in the Reelay library, where you can access it while preparing for a meeting or a discussion on a similar topic. 

Most people use Reelay to consume the meeting outside of being in it. You can consume it as a short story,  a full transcript, or just the audio (like a podcast). 

On the Reelay platform, you can search, check attendance, or quickly prospect if you’re from sales (as it's connected with LinkedIn). The assistant compiles all actions discussed in a meeting. Later, you can assign it to someone or claim it for yourself. 

It offers a staging area for all action items, “actions” and a place to organize all your meetings known as “collections”. It lets you create custom folders and push meetings into it to arrange them contextually. 

Make your meetings productive

Reelay helps you set standardized processes to improve meeting productivity. However, not every use case is the same. You might not get maximum value from Reelay if:

1. You need a personal assistant rather than an enterprise meeting productivity solution

People looking for personal assistants for themselves or just a few people on the team might choose other competitors over Reelay. Reelay would benefit someone who wants to improve organizational processes with standardized and more productive meeting practices. 

Reelay would enable them to comply with different regulations and avoid any speculation caused by AI since your IT team would approve of it. 

2. 100% of your meetings happen on the same video conferencing platform

Suppose 100% of virtual meetings happen on either Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The company might prefer Zoom AI companion or Microsoft Teams Premium Copilot since they have already passed security and compliance checks. 

However, Reelay is still a more accurate, user-friendly, and cost-effective alternative than the other solutions.

Make the best use of everyone’s time. Add Reelay to your Zoom meetings, and let it make them more productive. 

Cut 2 hours of admin time
on every meeting