Reelay instantly integrates with Slack to automatically generate channels for all your important meetings. It’s simple. All you have to do is include our smart meeting attendant in each calendar invite to your team. Reelay’s productivity platform, in turn, publishes a unique channel for every meeting. All participants in your Slack workspace are autonomously added. Whatever actions they perform within Slack during each meeting gets included as data in the channel so that everything stays in sync, and nothing slips through the cracks.

The ability to create and manage open actions directly through Slack is just as easy as our integration process. Actions within each meeting – or across all your meetings – can be conveniently viewed and pushed to additional applications. In addition, our AI-based platform enables all participants to peruse meeting highlights inside each channel. Auto-generated meeting summaries can be viewed with a simple glance. Each channel also syncs directly into your meetings. As you add participants, Reelay ensures that they are included in our processing platform. You can even ask questions pertaining to meeting content directly from your Slack Channel!

Slack integration
Slack calendar
Add to your invite, and sit back.
Slack notes
Leave the copious meeting note taking to us.
Slack meeting
Distribute post meeting recordings with ease.
Search Slack
Search for any moment, in any meeting.

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Reelay is on a mission to help you become more productive by integrating seamlessly into the meeting, task and communication tools you use every day.


See how Reelay improves productivity without having to change team behavior or meeting software.

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