Simply invite Reelay to all your virtual meetings and let our powerful artificial intelligence do the rest. Fully searchable post-meeting videos and transcripts are automatically sent to all participants and those unable to attend.

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Over the past few years, with team members spending seemingly hours on end in virtual meetings, Zoom fatigue has become a real thing. Many individuals find themselves feeling tired, drained, and overwhelmed. That’s where Reelay can help.

Typically caused by constant staring at a screen and lack of physical movement, Zoom fatigue can lead to decreased productivity and an increase in stress levels. Unlike in-person meetings where team members are able to look around the room, take breaks, and use body language to communicate, meetings conducted over Zoom and other video conferencing platforms require constant screen exposure. This can lead to eye strain, headaches, and fatigue.

Reelay captures word for word transcriptions and autonomously generates fully searchable Reelay Meeting Assets to alleviate Zoom fatigue. All participants have peace of mind knowing decisions will always be at their fingertips. With the ability to instantly retrieve archived meetings, even team members who were unable to attend, can avoid Zoom fatigue. Auto-generated highlights can simply be forwarded to all individuals on your approved distribution list.

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