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Reelay Introduces New Corporate Website
Knoxville, TN – December 14, 2023 – Reelay Meetings, Inc. (Reelay), a leading provider of advanced meeting productivity solutions for enterprise-level organizations, is pleased to announce the launch of its newly enhanced corporate website at The company’s new online presence focuses on the innovative benefits delivered through its intelligent meeting platform, including how Reelay automates all phases of virtual meetings and how the firm’s AI-driven solutions enable high-performing teams to simplify scheduling, accelerate meeting prep, improve collaboration, document action items, and ensure follow-through.

“Our vibrant team of technology innovators is focused on improving the efficiency and efficacy of business meetings everywhere,” proclaimed Deric Frost, Founder and CEO of Reelay. “With the introduction of our bold, new website, enterprise-level organizations will now discover that Reelay is more than just the world’s smartest meeting assistant.”

As detailed on the company’s new site, Reelay enables teams to improve the outcome of every meeting and every sales call without having to change behavior or software. Administrative tasks and meeting overhead, including agenda-setting, detailed notetaking and transcription, and auto-generated post-meeting summaries, are fully managed by Reelay’s smart platform.

“With the redesign of our corporate site, we set out to convey how Reelay is empowering teams to get the most out of every meeting and sales call,” stated Jerry Wiant, Chief Revenue Officer at Reelay. “Over 90% of business meetings today have a virtual component. Reelay brings word-for-word transcription, precise summaries and highlights, and the ability to find any moment from any discussion to all organizational meetings.”

About Reelay®
REELAY MEETINGS, INC. is an innovative SaaS technology company specializing in advanced artificial intelligence (AI) solutions designed to improve enterprise-level productivity across all facets of virtual meetings. Our firm brings meetings in-line with how teams work today by providing all participants with tools to streamline preparation, manage meeting overhead, automate tasks, ensure follow-through, and locate any moment from any recorded meeting. High performing teams get more done with less effort. Reelay is redefining the way we are meeting today and is located online at
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