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Reelay Announces New Calendar Integration Features

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Scottsdale, AZ – November 17, 2023 – Reelay Meetings, Inc. (, creator of the world’s leading enterprise-level meeting productivity platform, today announced the introduction of the latest ease-of-use feature within its AI-driven meeting attendant software. Designed for use across entire organizations, the company’s new one-click calendar integration enables all team members to seamlessly invite Reelay to any meeting directly through existing Google Calendars and Microsoft Outlook calendars.

Reelay’s suite of enterprise application software is currently improving all facets of meetings today and is enhancing team member engagement for some of the most transformative companies in the world. With the release of this newest feature, clients now have the means to automate their workday to an even greater extent.

Chris Jannenga, Chief Technology Officer at Reelay, conveyed the importance of this enhancement by stating, “Reelay now offers convenient and secure integration into the most widely used online calendars on the market. With one simple step, team members can ensure our attendant will be working alongside their most important meetings.”

In addition to simply inviting Reelay through existing online calendars, one-click calendar integration offers four unique preferences to have the world’s smartest attendant join any virtual meeting. Team members can select, through a simple interface, to have Reelay attend all meetings on their calendar, only meetings within their organization, only meetings outside of their organization, or to not automatically attend any meetings at all. The company’s smart attendant, however, can always be manually invited to any meeting.

To punctuate the significant benefit of one-click calendar integration, Reelay’s Founder and CEO, Deric Frost, exclaimed, “Teams today should not have to work harder to have productivity software work for them. One click integrate enables companies to bring the smartest AI attendant to any meeting without having to switch video conferencing platforms or download additional applications.”

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