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Reelay Announces Acquisition of Patented Intellectual Property and Software

Scottsdale, AZ – June 12, 2023 – Reelay Meetings, Inc. (, creator of the world’s smartest online meeting attendant, announced today the acquisition of patented intellectual property and accompanying software related to online sentiment analysis and meeting analytics from InspireMe Video Collaboration, a component of TrustedInc. The company’s acquisition includes five (5) recently issued United States patents focused on proprietary emotional intelligence technologies and meeting collaboration tools for videoconferencing applications.

Specifically, these patents protect Reelay’s newly acquired intellectual property in the areas of enhanced video conferencing management and scalable video conferencing architecture. Announcing this acquisition, Deric Frost, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Reelay, exclaimed, “Our team of productivity experts and AI engineers is on a mission to align meetings with how organizations collaborate today. These acquired technologies dramatically accelerate our pursuit.”

TrustedInc., an information technology and services company engaged in blockchain solutions and video conferencing tools, has transferred full ownership of the patented technologies to Reelay as of this press release. Armed with these new reporting tools and meeting metrics capabilities, Reelay expects to immediately integrate the acquired technologies into its suite of meeting productivity solutions.

Chris Jannenga, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Reelay, conveyed the importance of these acquired solutions by stating, “With our ability to assess participant engagement and generate trained machine learning metrics through these patented technologies, Reelay is at the forefront of the meeting productivity space.”

While the cost of the acquisition has not been disclosed, Reelay perceives it brings industry-first advancements to its already dynamic AI-based meeting productivity platform.

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