Automatically sync Reelay into RingCentral to dramatically enhance your hybrid team meetings. RingCentral’s HD video and audio deliver fully immersive meeting experiences that keep your team connected. Now with Reelay’s intuitive AI meeting assistant, which integrates with RingCentral simply through your meeting invites, you can increase productivity and ensure accountability every time you meet. No additional software or admin resources needed.

Reelay takes RingCentral’s live transcription up a notch by autonomously generating Reelay Meeting Assets that feature fully searchable and fully archivable meeting transcripts and video recordings. In addition, your RingCentral meetings are instantly enhanced with AI-created meeting summaries, highlights, and action items. All of which can be securely sent to your approved team members. Just Reelay it!

The way we're meeting today
Add to your invite, and sit back.
Leave the copious meeting note taking to us.
Distribute post meeting recordings with ease.
Search for any moment, in any meeting.

Works Where You Work

Reelay is on a mission to help you become more productive by integrating seamlessly into the meeting, task and communication tools you use every day.


See how Reelay improves productivity without having to change team behavior or meeting software.

Reelay. How We’re Meeting Today™