Reelay takes your Zoom meeting to the next level. Our intelligent meeting attendant not only creates a robust post-meeting Reelay Meeting Asset featuring fully searchable meeting transcriptions and videos, it also autonomously parses these natural language transcripts into a concise summary, detailed highlights, and engaging action items. Zoom meeting participants can now search meeting transcripts by project name or individual team member. Our smart meeting assistant even identifies how many times and at what point their name was mentioned in your Zoom meeting transcripts.

Simply include Reelay in all your Zoom meeting invites. No need to change your video conferencing platform. Your team will now enjoy peace of mind knowing that Reelay for Zoom is autonomously transcribing their important meeting discussions and decisions. And that each transcription can be easily accessed for future reference.

Reelay for Zoom

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Reelay is on a mission to help you become more productive by integrating seamlessly into the meeting, task and communication tools you use every day.

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See how Reelay improves productivity without having to change team behavior or meeting software.

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