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Experienced Customer Experience and Success Executive with a track record of customer value attainment and expansion. A passionate leader, wife, mother, mentor and friend. I believe that customer understanding along the customer journey is the key to developing a strategy that allows both customers and businesses to achieve their desired outcomes.I lead my teams to results. I am an experienced executive who manages high performance customer experience, success, business development, implementation and product teams that will successfully guide new clients from sale to becoming a referencable client. As Chief Customer Officer, driving customer experience and building recurring revenue stream is my number one priority. My staff works with generative AI as well as various constituents on the client side and with our partners to ensure success through the life-cycle of the account. With over 20 years experience, and having implemented and managed over 1,000,000 providers, my experience, competence, passion for the digital conversion process gives a deep understanding of the market and customer needs in healthcare.

Board Member of Bloom365 since 2019

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