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june 13, 2024

Simpler Sharing and
"Recap-Only" Meetings

Thanks to your feedback we've released 2 exciting new updates. Simpler sharing and "recap-only" meetings are here to improve the access and security of your Reelay post-meeting assets. If you'd like a personal walkthrough of what's new, click the button below.

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Simple Sharing

We are pleased to announce that Reelay is finally introducing an easy and simple way to share meeting assets. With a simple click anyone with your link can view the recording. They no longer have to go through the long process of logging in to view an asset.

How does this affect the users?

The ability to turn Sharing on or off for an organization can now be found inside of the Organization’s Settings page. The toggle for this can be found under Sharing. When Enabled the organization will have the ability to share meetings on their own in the UI as members of the organization.
When the setting is disabled they will not be able to see the buttons and items that come with the sharing functionality.

If Sharing is enabled then the Organization will be able to set a default preference on all future published meetings. The preference will indicate if sharing is Invite Only or Anyone with Link by default. Each user will be able to override this to be their own though if sharing is a capability to the user.

The Invite Only sharing method matches what we already know and expect. Sharing in this method requires users to be a part of the organization and have been granted access specifically to the meeting. This is a more secure way to share but also requires more oversight and management of the asset and process.

The All new method for sharing meetings is found under the option Anyone with link. With this option chosen a new item is added to the end of the url called a View Token. When a user has the token attached to the end of the URL then we make a decision upon visiting for how the user should be presented that information. If they are an existing user then they will be shown their own navigation bar and header where they can continue with the regular use of the application of the product after viewing the meeting.

If the viewer is not logged in or does not have a Reelay account then they can still view the meeting but are unable to interact with any of the details of the asset. It is presented in a read-only type of view. The left-side navigation is also blurred and darkened with a link attached that leads users to our Request a Demo page on the website.

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Recap Only Meetings

We are introducing a simple asset for those use cases when you do not need a full word for word transcript and the asset page to share out with others. Sometimes we really just need a recap and some notes for meetings. The user will now be able to choose the following for a meeting: Record (our regular asset), Recap Only (produces the minutes email and minutes document), Do Not Record

How to use this?

Users will see a brand new meeting library view when this is released. There will now be a Primary menu item for Meeting Library. Below this will be be two new sub menu items, Recordings and Minutes.

The default Meeting Library View will show users all meetings together regardless of if they are a Full or Recap style asset. The recap only meetings will not feature a video thumbnail and will not be able to be opened in the traditional fashion. Instead the only options will be to send a recap email or download the file.

When viewing the Recordings page you will see only the meetings that contain video recordings. This will function exactly as the old meeting library would here. Users should feel very familiar with this experience.

The new page will be featured under the Minutes tab. When a user selects this they will be able to see all of their Meeting Minutes in one place as well as share them out with other users.

We will also be implementing a new file picker here for when a user selects Upload. They will be getting a brand new file picker that allows them to choose a file from their local computer, Google Drive, OneDrive, or DropBox.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Support reps are standing by to help you. Email, or click the chat button in the bottom of you screen and a Reelay team member will get back to you during normal business hours (8am to 8pm EST).


What data does Reelay receive, record and/or process?

Reelay has access to the video/audio of the meeting that it is invited to along with the the participants, and possible calendar event that is associated with it.

The two options that lead to Reelay’s involvement are Record and Recap. These two options will take the video recording, transcribe it, and then scan that transcript for key moments from the call while summarizing the event for it’s owner.

When the Don't Join option is selected Reelay still has access to the users calendar event but marks it to not be recorded. No additional data is collected.


Where is the raw data stored?

Reelay stores it’s raw data within Amazon Web Services. We use a secure and redundant database service managed by Amazon called RDS. Frequent backup are made along with Point-in-time recovery. Data is stored across multiple availability zones to ensure it’s safety.


Who has access to the raw data?  / Does Relay have access to it?

The raw data is accessible by authorized members of Reelay’s Engineering team on a Need-to-access basis. Requests to access are made directly to the CTO and access is granted at the finest level possible to ensure data security for our customers.


What are the outputs from Reelay?

There are two ways to receive a Reelay asset (recordings & minutes). These are distilled and concise overviews of the meeting. They holds the following - Short Summary, Synopsis, Topics, Moments (Actions, Highlights, Questions), Transcription, Agenda, and Attendee list.

The Recording which is offered in the Application experience contains the recording along with all of these things listed above. The Minutes document holds all of the information minus the transcription and the recording.

Users are given the option of how what asset they would like to receive post meeting.


Who receives these outputs?

This is determined at an organizational level. The following options exist:

A) Only the Meeting Host
B) All Verified Reelay users who were invited or attended
C) All users on the event or in attendance
D) Anyone who has been invited to view

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