Video Meeting Productivity Software

Productivity Software for Today’s Meetings
Providing your team with seamless video meeting productivity software that sits alongside your virtual meetings is what we do. Our simple to integrate smart meeting attendant is more than just an autonomous note taker. Now you can bring productivity improvement to every phase of your video meetings including scheduling, agenda creation, summary and highlights, and searchable videos and transcripts.

Reelay’s patented meeting productivity software streamlines your meeting process. Team members can now focus on collaborative interaction to efficiently reach decisions. No more worrying about administrative overhead or missed discussion points. Let our intelligent software handle all your video meeting productivity tasks. Scheduling conflicts are quickly resolved, and auto-generated video meeting recaps can be easily forwarded to all approved team members.

Our video meeting productivity software even enables you to glean insight into meeting metrics to continuously improve your video meeting skills. The more you use Reelay, the more productive your team becomes. Don’t just record your video meeting. Reelay it!

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See how Reelay improves productivity without having to change team behavior or meeting software.

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