Reelay is more than just a virtual meeting assistant. Our leading-edge artificial intelligence platform attends to every administrative task from preparation and action items to easily accessible meeting archives.

We utilize the most advanced AI models to process data points across all phases of your meetings. Now your team can focus on the purpose for each meeting. Auto-generated Reelay Meeting Assets ensure prompt results.

Enterprise-grade authentication and encryption is integrated into everything we do. Our AI meeting attendant has been built with complex data governance in mind to ensure secure deployment across all your channels of communication.

With Reelay, you control who has access to your meeting data. Approved distribution lists and encrypted access guarantee each automated Reelay meeting asset is fully protected. Fail-safe protocols ensure privacy and regulatory compliance.  

Our productivity platform not only alleviates the hassles of virtual meetings; it does so with patented software that is exclusively designed for simple integration into any tech stack. The unique collaboration and sentiment analysis aspects of our applications have been awarded five United States patents to date. With a focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, our development team continues to introduce new functionalities and features to ensure your team has the best meeting experience. Every time.

Reelay AI


See how Reelay improves productivity without having to change team behavior or meeting software.

Reelay. The Way We’re Meeting Today.™

Virtual Meetings. Real World Results.

“Reelay creates automated transcripts and summaries for all our important meetings, allowing us to stay on-topic and focused on results. The searchable transcriptions within Reelay Meeting Assets are easily the best in the business.”
Sari H.

Product Manager

"Reelay creates automated transcripts and summaries for all our “Finally, meetings are once again meaningful and enjoyable. With Reelay’s AI-driven notetaking and action items, we’ve dramatically cut our meeting admin and expense. Reelay also saves time on follow-up emails. Now, every meeting is better.”
Kristin W.

Engineering Manager

"Reelay is now an essential part of all our meetings. Their virtual meeting attendant relieves the frustrations associated with how we meet today. No more lack of purpose or poor engagement. Reelay is an invaluable asset to our company.”
Jed W.

Project Manager

"Reelay’s virtual meeting attendant sits alongside all our meetings to tackle the tasks we used to do manually. Setting agendas. Detailed notetaking. Summarizing. Assigning action items. It’s the one team member that must attend every meeting!"
Jerrod B.


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