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Reelay Announces Two New Additions to its Senior Advisory Board

Wes Davis Mike Quirin
Scottsdale, AZ – March 2, 2023 – Reelay Meetings,Inc. (Reelay®), a pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) meeting productivity company, is pleased to announce today the addition of Wes Davis and Mike Quirin to its senior advisory board. In addition to years of world class software integration experience, both Wes and Mike are seasoned technology entrepreneurs and founding partners of Alchemy Technology Group, LLC, a leadingIT advisory, consulting, and reseller firm focused on end-user experience, security, and datacenter transformation.

Wes Davis, Partner and Co-Chief Executive Officer at Alchemy Technology Group, brings extensive knowledge of implementation and security strategies to Reelay’s already impressive team of advisors. During his more than fourteen years of leadership at this software integration company, he has overseen its growth from start-up to more than $100 million in annual revenue. Wes earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Louisiana State University.

Mike Quirin, also a Partner at Alchemy Technology Group, provides 15 plus years of channel partnership expertise and insight to the executive team at Reelay. As Chief Revenue Officer at Alchemy Technology Group, he over sees all business channels and vendor relationships. Prior to Alchemy, he held positions with AppSense, Citrix, Scalable Software, VeriCenter and ExxonMobil.Mike holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Baylor University.

“The commitment from these founding partners of an industry leading software integration company is a testament to the significant benefits our AI-driven productivity solutions are delivering to enterprise level organizations,” proclaimed Deric Frost, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Reelay. “We are extremely privileged to have Wes and Mike contribute to our pursuit to align meetings with how teams work today.”

In response to their new advisor roles at Reelay, Wes Davis stated, “At Alchemy Technology Group, Mike, our team, and I strive to bring a level of expertise and effort that is truly transformative to our customers’ business.We perceive that Reelay is dedicated to this same goal. Their meeting productivity software enables businesses to make better decisions through meetings that achieve results.”

About Reelay®
REELAY MEETINGS, INC. is an innovative technology company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Founded by an experienced team of successful entrepreneurs and software engineers, our firm brings meetings in-line with how teams work today by providing all participants with tools to collaborate on their own time irrespective of physical spaces, time zones, or geographic location. Meetings are now more actionable. Team members are more accountable. And businesses are now more efficient. With our intelligent platform, which seamlessly integrates across existing meeting technology stacks, Reelay is redefining the way we are meeting today and is located online at
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