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Reelay Announces the Launch of its New Corporate Website

Scottsdale, AZ – February 21, 2023
– Reelay Meetings,Inc. (Reelay®), a pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) meeting productivity company, today announced the launch of its new corporate website at The company’s new online presence focuses on the benefits of its intelligent meeting attendant platform for enterprise level organizations. Included on the site is an animated overview of how Reelay’s easy-to-use software works and how teams can now dramatically increase productivity every time they have a virtual meeting.

“At Reelay, we’re dedicated to improving the efficiency and outcomes of business meetings,” exclaimed Deric Frost, Founder and CEO of Reelay. “Through our new website, individuals will discover our virtual meeting attendant is more than just a smart meeting assistant. Reelay not only automates all administrative tasks including scheduling and agenda-setting, detailed notetaking and transcription, and auto-generated post-meeting summaries, we provide fully searchable Reelay Meeting Assets to all participants and those team members unable to attend.”

As detailed on this new website, Reelay Meeting Assets feature an interactive video recording and complete transcript of all dialogue. At the conclusion of each meeting, team members can search the Meeting Asset by personal names and important topics. In addition, autonomously created meeting highlights can be securely emailed through an organization. Reelay does all the heavy lifting so that teams can focus on the purpose of each meeting.

“In designing our new site, we set out to convey how Reelay is aligning meetings with how teams work today,” stated Jerry Wiant, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Reelay. “Over 90% of business meetings today have a virtual component. Reelay seamlessly captures and catalogues all important points of a meeting so that a team’s decisions can be easily accessible and searchable.”

About Reelay®
REELAY MEETINGS, INC. is an innovative technology company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Founded by an experienced team of successful entrepreneurs and software engineers, our firm brings meetings in-line with how teams work today by providing all participants with tools to collaborate on their own time irrespective of physical spaces, time zones, or geographic location. Meetings are now more actionable. Team members are more accountable. And businesses are now more efficient. With our intelligent platform, which seamlessly integrates across existing meeting technology stacks, Reelay is redefining the way we are meeting today and is located online at
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