Enhance your Microsoft Teams virtual meetings with robust meeting transcriptions and fully searchable video recordings for all team members – whether they are able to attend or not. Our AI meeting assistant sits along side Microsoft Teams to autonomously create engaging post-meeting Reelay Meeting Assets that feature complete natural language meeting transcripts, summaries, actions items, and more. Meetings are more productive – and teams are more accountable – with the world’s smartest attendant for Microsoft Teams.

Just invite Reelay to your next Microsoft Teams meeting. We’ll assist in your scheduling, perform all note-taking responsibilities, and generate meeting transcripts and videos that your team members will actually want to engage with. All without having to download new installs or change your meeting behaviors.

The way we're meeting today
Add to your invite, and sit back.
Leave the copious meeting note taking to us.
Distribute post meeting recordings with ease.
Search for any moment, in any meeting.

Works Where You Work

Reelay is on a mission to help you become more productive by integrating seamlessly into the meeting, task and communication tools you use every day.


See how Reelay improves productivity without having to change team behavior or meeting software.

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