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Innovation Leads to Better Outcomes

Smart AI
Adapt and Advance
Wayback at the end of the last century, Jerry Wiant, Chief Revenue Officer at Reelay, saw the opportunity to apply his design skills to the emerging World Wide Web. Boldly, he and a partner launched SiteWise Marketing in 1998 to create and manage online destinations for enterprise-level businesses and fledgling online retailers.

Early on, however, the two founders realized what national brands really needed was a way to drive customers to their websites. Thus, in addition to bringing in Sean McMahon, who is now Reelay’s Chief Growth Officer, the SiteWise executives quickly shifted their focus to creating and delivering first-of-their-kind search engine marketing solutions.

The inspiration for this pivot came from the realization that the world was changing. Profoundly.

No longer was status bestowed upon the individual who possessed the most knowledge. It now belonged to the person who could most quickly access the most knowledge. Online search engines brought power previously possessed only by institutions of higher learning and society’s elites to the masses. Jerry and Sean recognized this dynamic shift very early on.

Embracing the adage that it is not the strongest nor most intelligent of the species that survives, but rather the most adaptable, SiteWise swiftly morphed into TrafficLeader, Inc. The nascent firm went on to become a top-tier player in the search marketing industry by enabling brands to be easily found within search engines. The ability to best adapt to change proved to be an immutable natural force.

Smart AI
The world today is on the precipice of another profound change.

Since the industrial revolution, trailblazing innovations have surfaced about every twenty years or so that redirect the trajectory of our species. Over the past century, we have witnessed the proliferation of the microprocessor, the introduction of the personal computer, the explosion of the internet, and the ubiquity of social media. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) sits at our doorstep.

Just as search engines enabled all individuals to have the world’s information at their fingertips, AI advances mankind’s capabilities to not only autonomously perform predictive analysis, but to actually accomplish prescriptive functions. Software has now taken the massive leap beyond just identifying scenarios that are likely to occur (which is truly amazing in itself), to providing auto-generated solutions for problems that may arise.

Today, natural language processing can catalog entire knowledge bases and route this information to team members as they perform their daily activities. As explained in the April 21, 2021 Forbes article titled The Evolution of Innovation, as AI grows more sophisticated, it will not only search documents but also understand them in order to offer conclusions and extrapolate ideas—linking, for instance, related information from two separate knowledge base articles into one comprehensive answer.

The Way We’re Meeting Today
This recognition that the world is changing – profoundly, once again – is what has inspired the team at Reelay to embark on the pursuit to align meetings with how teams work today. Utilizing advanced prescriptive AI platforms, the innovative firm is introducing real-world solutions that dramatically improve productivity whether teams are meeting in-person or virtually.

These better meetings result in better decisions.

In addition, Reelay instills peace of mind for meeting participants and even those unable to attend. Team members can now receive fully searchable transcripts and videos at the conclusion of all important meetings, along with auto-generated objectives, summaries, highlights, and action items. Each Reelay Meeting Asset can also be archived and easily retrieved by specific project or topic.

As Jerry Wiant likes to quote from Apple founder Steve Jobs, “Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not as a threat.” By applying prescriptive AI to meeting productivity solutions, Reelay is creating a much smarter and more efficient way for teams to reach decisions. Now, that’s innovation to be celebrated.

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