Reelay, the world’s smartest meeting attendant, is also your personalized AI meeting assistant. Not only are robust Reelay Meeting Assets autonomously generated after each meeting by our AI driven meeting assistant, now your meeting overhead and administration tasks can be performed with the simple push of a button. It’s actually easier than that! Simply include Reelay in your calendar invites and let our intelligent meeting assistant take care of all note-taking tasks, meeting summaries, and important meeting highlights. You focus on decisions at hand. Reelay’s AI meeting assistant will do the rest. All without your team having to learn new software or download new installs.

For improved productivity and output from all your meetings, just Reelay it! Your teams will be happy knowing a smart AI meeting assistant has their backs.

The way we're meeting today


Enhance engagement. Focus on decisions. Find any moment from any meeting.

Reelay. The Way We’re Meeting Today.™